SWISSVAX – The early days

The history and tradition of Swissvax, a unique automotive and marine care system which until today still is hand made in Switzerland, reaches back to the 30’s of the last century.

Like many other extraordinary and ingenious products, also the famous Swissvax waxes have originated from a kitchen table – namely the kitchen table of the Swiss family Anwander – as a product originally developed for the very own sophisticated needs of grandfather Anwander.

In these early days, the old chemist’s store of the family Anwander in Zürich served as the laboratory and the manufacturing site for the first tins of precious “Antikwachs”, a wax formulation specifically engineered and refined for the care and protection needs of antique furniture and lacquers. Since the first tins of Antikwachs, the Anwander family has dedicated all its passion, ambition and the ultimate sense for perfection to paintwork, lacquers and waxes – a continuous and strenuous pursuit for the finest products in the marketplace until today spanning over more than three generations.

The nowadays world-renowned automotive waxes were originally developed for the exclusive private use of grandfather Anwander who – like many other successful inventors of the last century – didn’t find a product meeting his sophisticated demands on the market and therefore decided to create his own wax which for the first time managed to satisfy his requirements. This first creation was the incipience of the extraordinary history of a family business which has dedicated all activities to engineer and produce the finest automotive and marine care products on the market.

What commenced as the development of waxes for paintwork care, over the years evolved to the meticulous creation of a complete automotive care line covering the needs of even the most sophisticated car enthusiast catering for leather, wood, plastic, fabric, vinyl, glass, metal, rubber, wheels and tyres. Swissvax facilitates the thorough care and durable protection of every type of surface encountered on your vehicle.

Also today, every Swissvax product is hand made in the paintwork factory of the family Anwander where wax can per wax can is created and poured by hand, not only for traditional aspects but due to the requirement that the highly complex formulations and the sensitive valuable ingredients don’t allow the application of industrial production processes.


Swissvax today is produced by Swissvax AG which has specialized in the engineering, development and production of lacquers, paintwork and automotive and marine care products. Swissvax AG’s headquarters, the office facilities, the laboratories and the production facilities are located in Fällanden, about 10km’s east of the economical centre of Switzerland Zürich.

From the very early years to this day one superior principle has fundamentally lead all activities of the company: The strong and consequent will to manufacture the highest quality and best performing products on the marketplace satisfying likeminded enthusiasts with highly sophisticated requirements.

Currently, Swissvax AG re-invests 20% of its annual turnover into Research & Development and Marketing. In its Research & Development department not only new innovative products are engineered following highest standards and to comply with the requirements of the world’s best car manufacturers but also each existing product is continuously re-assessed and – if new ingredients, materials or technologies offer potential for improvement – is continuously refined.

Thanks to a strong and continuously growing international demand of collectors and enthusiasts all over the world, Swissvax AG has established an international network of importers. These distribution channels are considered as important partners within the family business and contribute to a climate of dedication, best customer support and best communication standards. The brand Swissvax signifies highest standards regarding product quality, customer support and business practices.

Besides its outstanding products and the network of importers the success of Swissvax AG also fundamentally bases on its human capital, the employees of the Swiss headquarters. Quality is achieved and maintained by human performance, that’s why Swissvax considers its committed and loyal employees as the most important asset. The employees guarantee the top position of the company on the market which is considered as the result of their commitment and hard work. As a logical consequence, Swissvax fills all management functions from its own rows.

Thanks to the continuously growing international demand for its superb products, Swissvax recently had to expand and move into a new headquarter and manufacturing facility:

The new Swissvax Headquarter in Fällanden is a multi-million investment and includes new manufacturing facilities, new laboratories, offices, training facilities, factory outlet shop, storage and forwarding infrastructure. It offers generous potential for the continuous growth of the business into new markets and new market segments facilitating the creation of a new chapter in the success history of Swissvax.

SWISSVAX – Outlook

The Swissvax car care product line has seen a tradition-rich evolution spanning over three generations starting from the kitchen table of the Anwander family and leading into the new headquarters today. Swissvax nowadays is still flourishing as a family-run business remaining true to its principles and has become the ultimate reference for enthusiasts and collectors worldwide renowned to them as a unique cosmetic car care line serving them to take care of their dream and enhance and protect their investment for the future.

In the future, Swissvax will do its best to continuously astonish and satisfy these appreciated customers by continuously refining what many already consider as the best car care system in the world. In parallel, Swissvax will use its rich know-how and expertise gained over the years to extend its business activities to new markets and market segments like the new premium and luxury automobile market and the launch of a new product line for the marine market.

We, the Swissvax Headquarters, would be delighted to gain and maintain you as our satisfied long-term customer and herewith warmly invite you to learn more about the Swissvax Philosophy.