Engine Bay Care


Engine Cleaner concentrate, 250 ml

Weight: kg
Shampoo para la limpieza del motor.
Water-thinnable Engine Cleaner concentrate enriched with citrus oils.
Allows the effortless, effective and thorough but gentle engine cleaning without any negative side-effects neither affecting plastic parts nor electric components.
We recommend the combined use with a Micro Wash microfiber towel and a Swissvax Wheel Brush.

Mixing Bottle with mixing scale, 250 ml

Weight: kg
Botella para mezcla de concentrados, 250ml
Empty Mixing and Spray Bottle.
Features a precise and well-readable mixing ratio scale and an easy to use spray nozzle.
Included in the Wheel kits and the Master Collection.

Wheel Cleaning Brush

Weight: kg
Pincel para aros.
Functional brush for efficient and gentle wheel cleaning.
Recommended for cleaning hard to reach areas on your wheels.
Made from wood and pigs hair in optimum length, strength and quality.
Included in the Wheel Cleaner kits.

Micro Wash Towel, Yellow

Weight: kg
Microfiber wash towel.
Functional and handy microfiber cloth for effortless, efficient and gentle wheel cleaning.
Recommended for all plain large surfaces on your wheels, millions of microfibers provide “static absorption” and “holding capillary action” resulting in considerably shortened time for cleaning your wheels.
Can be machine-washed and is re-usable.
Included in the Wheel Cleaning kits.

Motor Shine, 400ml

Weight: kg
Engine bay sealant.
Full value engine bay sealant.
Protects the engine, aggregates, ignition wires and other wires, hoses, etc. from humidity, corrosion, salt and other negative immissions.
Prior to the application of Motor Shine we recommend the thorough cleaning of the entire engine bay using Swissvax Engine.

Plastic Wash Plastic Cleaner

Weight: kg
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Plastic Cleaner
A plastic cleaner for all types of plastic surfaces.
Applied with a Swissvax Cleaning brush, it effortlessly, efficiently and thoroughly cleans all plastic surfaces.
Heavily recommended as a pre-treatment for the plastic care products Swissvax Protecton and Protecton Matt for the first application and thereafter an at least half-yearly treatment.

Protecton Plastic Conditioner, 250 ml

Weight: kg
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Plastic Conditioner
Plastic and vinyl care formula providing a homogeneously semi-glossy surface.
Preservative Emulsion enriched with precious oils replaces moisture that the plastic has lost and restores plastic parts to their original appearance.
Pre-treat plastic surfaces with Plastic Wash prior to first application.

Nano Express Quick Refinisher

A quick detailing fluid based on nano technology designed for the use across all materials encountered on the exterior of a car.
As the third element between washing and waxing your car it thoroughly cleans, enhances and seals paintwork, plastic, rims, aluminum and chrome to an immaculately clean and flawless finish.
One application of Nano Express lasts about 1 month and/or 2 car wash and takes 35-45 minutes to apply allowing you to always have a perfectly detailed automobile.
Removes fingerprints, dirt, micro scratches from car wash on paint, wheels, acrylics, chrome and plastics.

Micro Absorb Microfiber Polishing Cloth, Pink

Weight: kg
Highly effective state-of-the-art microfiber cloth.
Guarantees a perfect finish in conjunction with Nano Express.
Machine washable at 60° C and re-usable.

Metal Polish, 50ml

Weight: kg
 Chrome- and Metal care.
Cleans, polishes, seals  and protects all kinds of metal surfaces (Chrome, Aluminium, Nickel and Brass).
Removes deposits, corrosion and oxidation efficiently, quickly and gently and provides an efficient long term protection and best finish.
Is easy to apply and guaranteed safe for all metals.

Seal Feed, 250ml

Weight: kg
Intensive Care for Rubber Seals.
Rubber care formula specifically developed for the care needs of rubber.
Refreshes and keeps rubber seals pliable and in factory-new condition for years.
Effectively prevents seals from freezing in winter.