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The perfect impression of your car is like a calling card. If you already know Swissvax products, then You know what you can expect. If not, prepare Before a new dimension to the automotive maintenance, of those demanding manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, Spyker, Lamborghini and Mercedes-Benz Classic are convinced.

Be aware that the services listed below are available directly from Swissvax Caribbean and are temporarily limited to be delivered in the Dominican Republic.  If you are interested in the Swissvax services, visit our 'Swissvax Authorized Partners' to find a center near you.

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Swissvax Services Reservation - Exterior

Poor paintwork is not just a problem for old vehicles.  Some new cars we see simply haven't been prepared very well by the supplying dealer and suffer from what we call “holograms” caused by either poor machine polishing or excess wax.  Modern water based paintwork is soft and very easy to damage; simply washing your car with a sponge in a circular motion can cause what we call swirl marks – fine circular scratches in the paintwork, which soon leave your car looking dull, scratched and tired. Previously, the only solution was a re-spray. This is no longer the case.

Swissvax Services Reservation - Interior

To prolong the life of your leather and keep in good condition, it is important to keep leather clean and nourished. If you are the owner of a light leather interior, you will have
seen for yourself the unsightly dye transfer from jeans and dark clothing.  We can clean and protect seats to guard against this. But owners of dark interiors beware, for exactly the same
transfer is invisibly occurring – which over time will cause the leather to crack requiring a more expensive renovation.
For those parts of the interior which are subjected to unavoidable extra wear and tear, such as driver’s seats,
bolsters, steering wheels and gearshift knobs, we can renovate and recolor, leaving the leather refreshed and revitalized without the need for expensive replacement.