Wheel and Tyre Care


Wheel Cleaning Kit

Weight: kg
Complete Wheel Cleaning and Enhancement kit.
Allows you to thoroughly wash and clean your wheels with ease and effectively enhance and protect them.
Minimizes the time required to clean your wheels thanks to the non-stick properties of the Autobahn Wheel wax.
Safe for aluminum, polished aluminum, magnesium, clear coat and painted wheels.

Spoke Wheel Cleaning Kit

Weight: kg
Wheel Cleaning Kit for spoke wheels or wheels with complicated design.
Including Rotary Brushes Bürsten for use with battery operated drills.
Comes in a handy bag.

Wheel Cleaner concentrate, 250 ml

Weight: kg
Wheel Cleaner concentrate.
Peppermint oil enriched wheel cleaning concentrate, makes up to 1 litre of wheel cleaner.
Effectively breaks the bond between the dirt, brake dust and wheel surface.
Guaranteed harmless for all kinds of wheels and wheel surfaces.

Mixing Bottle with mixing scale, 250 ml

Weight: kg
Botella para mezcla de concentrados, 250ml
Empty Mixing and Spray Bottle.
Features a precise and well-readable mixing ratio scale and an easy to use spray nozzle.
Included in the Wheel kits and the Master Collection.

Wheel Cleaning Brush

Weight: kg
Pincel para aros.
Functional brush for efficient and gentle wheel cleaning.
Recommended for cleaning hard to reach areas on your wheels.
Made from wood and pigs hair in optimum length, strength and quality.
Included in the Wheel Cleaner kits.

Autobahn, 50ml

Wheel wax with non-stick-PTFE.
Carnauba Wax enhanced with PTFE specially developed for the care and protection needs of automobile wheels.
Provides a smooth shine and long-term protection for your wheels by repelling brake dust particles as well as other contamination.
Minimizes the time required to clean the wheels thanks to its non-stick properties.
Safe for aluminium, polished aluminium, magnesium, clear coat and painted wheels.

Micro Wash Towel, Yellow

Weight: kg
Microfiber wash towel.
Functional and handy microfiber cloth for effortless, efficient and gentle wheel cleaning.
Recommended for all plain large surfaces on your wheels, millions of microfibers provide “static absorption” and “holding capillary action” resulting in considerably shortened time for cleaning your wheels.
Can be machine-washed and is re-usable.
Included in the Wheel Cleaning kits.

Pneu Tyre Care

Acondicionador de neumáticos.
Emulsion of gloss agents and preservatives for tyre care and a deep black finish.
Replaces moisture lost from the rubber compound and protects the surface from discoloration and cracking and provides a homogeneous black tyre side wall finish.
Easy to apply and guaranteed harmless to tyres, rims and your automobile´s paintwork.
Perfect results on black wall and white wall tyres.

Pneu Gloss Tyre Care Glossy

Acondicionador de neumáticos, alto brillo.
"Wet look" tyre dressing with gloss agents and preservatives providing a high gloss finish.
Protects black walls from discoloration and cracking and provides a homogenously glossy tyre side wall finish.
Only for black walls (for white walls choose regular Pneu emulsion).

Pneu White, 250 ml

Weight: kg
Cleaner for white wall tyres.
Efficient and gentle whitewall tyre cleaner.
Makes cleaning and maintaining whitewall tyres in perfect shape a snap.
Easy and fast to use for a perfect and period correct appearance.
Includes Pneu White applicator pads

Pneu White Applicator Pads

Weight: kg
Replacement pads for Pneu White cleaner, 5 pcs.
Pneu White Applicator pad for the application of Pneu White whitewall tyres. The pads can be washed and therefore can be used multiple times.

Pneu Brush

Weight: kg
 For application of Pneu.
Practical brush for applying Swissvax Pneu tyre care.
Allows a practical, quick and precise application without spoiling the rims or the cars paintwork.
Reusable and durable.