Windows and Metal Care


Crystal Glass Cleaner

Limpia cristales.
Premixed, ready-to-use glass cleaner in a handy spray bottle.
Cleans effortlessly and effectively with no streaking leaving nothing but a crystal clear glass surface.
Provides excellent cleaning results with ease in minimum time.

Rain-X Glass Sealant, 100 ml

Weight: kg
Highly effective glass sealant - application takes just a few minutes.
Perfectly clear, streak-free visibility in the rain even at night with oncoming traffic.
Insect residues can be removed with little more than a damp cloth.

Vinyl Clear Vinyl Set (Screen-Restorer )

Weight: kg
A powerful kit for restoring and protecting flexible screens made from vinyl or plastic.
Makes scratch sensitive screens transparent again and protects them for the future by using a conceived two step process which also enhances the screen surface with a glossy shine and offers best dirt- and water-repelling properties.
Thanks to the Vinyl Clear kit the costly replacement of vinyl and plastic screens or even entire tops in most cases becomes redundant.

Metal Polish, 50ml

Weight: kg
 Chrome- and Metal care.
Cleans, polishes, seals  and protects all kinds of metal surfaces (Chrome, Aluminium, Nickel and Brass).
Removes deposits, corrosion and oxidation efficiently, quickly and gently and provides an efficient long term protection and best finish.
Is easy to apply and guaranteed safe for all metals.

Seal Feed, 250ml

Weight: kg
Intensive Care for Rubber Seals.
Rubber care formula specifically developed for the care needs of rubber.
Refreshes and keeps rubber seals pliable and in factory-new condition for years.
Effectively prevents seals from freezing in winter.


Weight: kg

Windows cleaning and sealing washers
Improved visibility and safety, especially in winter months
All products in one kit

Micro-Glass Duo-Set

Toallas en microfibra para espejos y vidrios.
Ultra-microfiber towels designed to easily clean glass surfaces and mirrors.
Very durable and long lasting.
No need to wipe cleaned surfaces dry.
drastically time-saving glass cleaning.
2 different sizes for bigger and/or smaller surfaces.
Machine washable.

Micro Polish Microfiber Polishing Cloth, Blue

Weight: kg
Fine microfiber cloth providing effortless immaculate polishing results.
Features microscopically thin polyester and polyamide fibers exposing an immense surface area allowing you to achieve the best results in minimum time.
Re-usable, may be machine-washed at 60° C.

Micro Wash Towel, Yellow

Weight: kg
Microfiber wash towel.
Functional and handy microfiber cloth for effortless, efficient and gentle wheel cleaning.
Recommended for all plain large surfaces on your wheels, millions of microfibers provide “static absorption” and “holding capillary action” resulting in considerably shortened time for cleaning your wheels.
Can be machine-washed and is re-usable.
Included in the Wheel Cleaning kits.