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Windows cleaning and sealing washers
Improved visibility and safety, especially in winter months
All products in one kit

Finally SWISSVAX also offers a complete set for cleaning and sealing washer. The Swissvax MICRO-GLASS has been specially developed for the crystal glass cleaner to a very fast and optimal cleaning of windows and mirrors guarantee. A perfect score is associated with crystal, which remain on the surface of so-called micro droplets. Because the fiber structure of the MICRO-GLASS-cloth in these droplets literally evaporate rapidly, leaving a brilliant, completely streak-free surface. Even with this addition to the above-mentioned products, the Rain X washer seal. Rain-X glass sealant provides the glass with an invisible water-repellent layer, the rain, sleet and snow rejects and increases the visibility and safety in wet driving conditions. Is ideal for windscreens, side and rear windows and headlight lenses.

 Included in the scope of delivery:

 1. Swissvax Crystal, glass cleaner  3. Micro-glass set, white, glass-cleaning cloths
 2. Rain X washer seal  4. Carrying Bag