Leather Care Kit

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Functional and sophisticated kit for the complete leather care.
Includes everything required to effortlessly and thoroughly clean, refresh and protect leather interior.
Comes in a handy bag.

The Swissvax Leather Care Kit is a functional and sophisticated kit that includes everything required to thoroughly clean, refresh and protect leather interior with ease. It may be used on all nappa leather interiors and provides professional results in minimum time only. It allows the effortless, thorough but gentle cleaning of leather followed by the care with long term protection helping the leather to maintain its natural moisture and preventing damage from UV radiation. The Leather Care Kit comes in a handy bag and includes everything required for detailing leather interior to factory new condition.

It also includes all items required for the perfect preparation of the leather for the application of the Swissvax Leather healer (Leather dye) and to seal and protect if afterwards.

Important note: Please do not use this product on Suede or Buffalo Leather.

The scope of delivery includes:

1. Leather Cleaner, 250ml  4. Wash Towel White
2. Leather Milk, 250ml 5. Leather Brush
3. Elephant Leather Fat, 15ml 6. Applicator Pad per Leather Milk