Cleaner Fluid Strong

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Highly effective hand polish.
Medium to strong abrasive paint recovering and Pre-wax treatment for heavily weathered paint and paint with medium to heavy signs of use.
It’s innovative strong micro granules remove heavy overspray, heavy oxidation and major scratches and also successfully recover heavily weathered paint.
Subsequently apply Cleaner Fluid Medium.

Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Strong is a medium to strong abrasive paintwork recovery and pre-wax treatment which efficiently removes heavy overspray, heavy oxidation and major scratches and also successfully recovers heavily weathered paint.

Like the milder Cleaner Fluid Medium, Cleaner Fluid Strong contains abrasive micro granules but in a more powerful formulation. Cleaner Fluid Strong is applied evenly (only) on the affected areas of the paintwork using a Cleaner Fluid pad and is worked in doing longitudinal strokes under strong pressure. The friction applied by this application technique causes the innovative micro granules contained in its formula to wear away against one another diminishing for a progressively finer abrasive polish allowing you to remove any irregularities on your automobiles paintwork while only abrasing the minimum required of its sensitive surface. By dosing the amount of Cleaner Fluid Strong as well as the pressure you apply you can perfectly recover your paintwork without damaging it.

Please pay detailed attention that you use Cleaner Fluid Strong sparingly only in the areas where it is absolutely required, treat all other areas with the milder Cleaner Fluid formulations available (Cleaner Fluid Medium and Cleaner Fluid Regular). Once you have taken care of all areas requiring treatment with Cleaner Fluid Strong you then can proceed with the treatment of with the Cleaner Fluid Medium.