Rotary Brush 30

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Baton shaped, microfiber.

Just stick rotary brushes on a battery operated drill, dip them in water and start cleaning your spoke wheels or aluminum wheels with complicated design
Quality: Microfiber
    3 x baton shaped brushes
    1 x metal adapter for drill
Super soft, extremely absorbing quality - can be machine washed at 30° C.
Can be used on all surfaces. Cleaning, drying, polishing.

Thorough and regular care of your spoke wheels will add the finishing touch to your automobile. Swissvax offers a genius solution for an easy cleaning of spoke wheels and/or aluminium wheels with complicated designs: Rotary brushes. Synthetic Rotary Brushes for chromed or non painted spoke wheels as well as extremely soiled aluminum wheels, horse hair Rotary Brushes for painted wheels, micro fibre brushes for polishing as well as cleaning of more complicated designed aluminum wheels. Just stick them on a standard battery operated drill and spoke wheel cleaning gets easier than ever.