Protecton Matt, 250 ml

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Plastic Conditioner matt.

Plastic and vinyl care formula providing a homogeneously matt surface.
Preservative Emulsion enriched with precious natural oils which replaces moisture that the plastic has lost and restores plastic parts to their original appearance, does not leave a glossy surface.
Pre-treat plastic surfaces with Plastic Wash prior to first application.

Plastic and vinyl parts in and on automobiles are exposed to various negative immissions that cause ageing of the material quite quickly and intensively. The most prominent among these immission factors are heat, frost, UV-radiation and the use of aggressive detergents. If you let your automobile stand in the sun for an hour or two you will experience the heat that plastic is exposed to, the opposite is the case in winter. These immissions cause the plastic to lose moisture leading to discoloration and also cracking at a later stage.

For the care and protection of plastic and vinyl parts, Swissvax offers Protecton Matt, a preservative product enriched with precious oils. It replaces moisture that the material has lost over time, frees solvents that are enclosed in the material and restores old plastic and vinyl parts to their original appearance and maintains new plastic parts in new condition for a very long time when applied regularly.

Swissvax Protecton Matt does not cause a glossy surface and creates a homogenously matt surface appearance.

We recommend you to expose the surface areas to be treated to the sun prior to the application in order to let the pores of the material open for best absorption of the preservative emulsion.

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