Wheel Cleaning Kit

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Complete Wheel Cleaning and Enhancement kit.
Allows you to thoroughly wash and clean your wheels with ease and effectively enhance and protect them.
Minimizes the time required to clean your wheels thanks to the non-stick properties of the Autobahn Wheel wax.
Safe for aluminum, polished aluminum, magnesium, clear coat and painted wheels.

The Swissvax Wheel Cleaning and Enhancement Kit is a functional and sophisticated kit that allows you to thoroughly wash and clean your wheels with ease and effectively enhance and protect them. It includes the effective and yielding Wheel Cleaner concentrate, the practical Mixing Bottle with integrated mixing ratio scale and spray nozzle, a small Wheel Brush, the popular wooden Wheel Brush made from badger hair for the efficient cleaning of hard to reach areas (i.e. bolt circle or the screw connection area on multi piece wheels), The highly effective Micro Wash micro fiber cloth for the effortless, efficient and thorough cleaning of plain surfaces (i.e. rim base or large spokes) and -last but not least - for the effective and impressive enhancement of your wheels 100ml Cleaner Fluid and the Autobahn Wheel wax, a unique and innovative Carnauba wax enriched with non-stick PTFE for unreached wheel gloss and best long term protection of your wheels.

Thanks to the protective non-stick layer achieved with the Autobahn Wheel wax any contaminants can hardly adhere to the wheel surface reducing the time required to clean the wheels to only a fraction of what you have been used to so far. The Wheel Cleaning and Enhancement kit may be used on all types of wheels and provides professional results in minimum time only.

It comes in a handy cooler bag and includes everything for immaculate wheel cleaning.
You will be delighted by the perfect combination of products and the sheer practicality and efficiency that you will experience with this kit.

Included in the scope of delivery:

1. Wheel, 250ml 5. Cleaner Fluid Regular, 100ml
2. Mixing Bottle, 250ml 6. Autobahn Wheel Wax, 50ml
3. Wheel Brush 7. Disposable gloves
4. Micro Wash Towel Yellow 8. Practical SWISSVAX Wheel Cleaning System Bag