Leather Gloss Corrector Matt, 150 ml

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Corrector de brillo (mate).

Allows gloss correction for a homogeneously matt leather interior finish.
Renders the treated surfaces with matt finish for a consistent “as new” leather appearance all over your  interior.
Colourless, may be easily applied with a small sponge. The degree of gloss reduction can be precisely fine matched when applying multiple thin layers of Gloss Corrector Matt.

Every collector and enthusiast knows the annoying and inevitable problem of undesirable fatty gloss that builds up on all of your leather interiors areas that are subject to heavy use and friction like the steering wheel and the shift knob. These glossy spots and areas significantly spoil one’s overall impression of even a very well taken care of interior.

The Swissvax Leather Gloss Corrector Matt is an innovative and absolutely colorless remedy against this problem and renders the treated surfaces with a matt finish common to the factory condition of a new automobile. Gloss Corrector Matt is simply applied on these glossy areas using a small sponge and renders the treated surfaces with a homogeneously matt finish. You can precisely adjust the degree of gloss reduction on the affected areas by applying multiple very thin layers.

Should you be looking for a solution of the opposite problem – leather areas that require more gloss – please check the Swissvax Leather Gloss Corrector Glossy.