Micro-Glass Duo-Set

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Toallas en microfibra para espejos y vidrios.

Ultra-microfiber towels designed to easily clean glass surfaces and mirrors.
Very durable and long lasting.
No need to wipe cleaned surfaces dry.
drastically time-saving glass cleaning.
2 different sizes for bigger and/or smaller surfaces.
Machine washable.

Swissvax Micro-Glass has been specially created for glass cleaning in conjunction with Swissvax CRYSTAL glass cleaner to ensure a fast and optimized cleaning of windows and mirrors. Simply spray the surface with CRYSTAL, and wipe over with the Micro-Glass leaving behind micro droplets  on the cleaned surface. Due to the Micro-Glass towel's unique microfiber structure these micro droplets simply evaporate leaving a brilliant and completely streak-free surface. Not only will you be delighted with the finish, you will be amazed by the speed at which you can now clean glass, drastically saving you time.
The high quality microfiber material consists of 70% polyester / 30% polyamide with its microfibers <0.02 Denier and guarantees "state-of-the-art" results. The durable microfiber material allows for the towels to be machine-washed up to 60° C. Please refrain from using a fabric softener.

On today's market, microfiber towels can be found in all qualities.  So here are a few tips on how you can differentiate between premium quality towels and cheaper alternatives:

a) The microfiber quality
Cheap microfiber towels do not have "split fibers" as the equipment required to actually "split" the fibers is very expensive. Quality microfiber towels offering genuinely split microfibers can absorb 7 to 8 times of their own weight (as split fibers offer a far superior larger absorption rate/surface).

b) The microfiber size
Cheap microfiber towels always have larger fibers (up to 0.5 Denier or more about the diameter of a normal polyester thread). Top-quality towels, however, are made of "real" microfibers measuring 0.01 to 0.02 Denier. The more fibers a microfiber tissue can offer per sq.-inch or m2, the better the results.

c) The microfiber material
As polyamide is far more costly than polyester, cheap towels often consist of 100% polyester or only contain a very small percentage of polyamide. This has obviously a significant impact on their absorbtion rate. A mix of  80% polyester and 20% polyamide is today's "quality standard". A  70%/30% prime-quality mix however, will absorb fluids even better AND much faster. As is most often the case, quality comes at a price.

d) The seams
For usage on automotive paintwork finishes, only seamless microfiber towels or premium towels with a silk seam are recommended as microfiber towels with stitched seams have the potential to scratch or streak paintwork.