Micro Polish Microfiber Polishing Cloth, Blue

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Paño en microfibra útil para obtener un alto grado de brillo sobre las superficies en donde se utiliza.
Cuenta con características de poliéster de espesor microscópico y fibras de poliamida exponiendo una superficie de área inmensa que le permite obtener los mejores resultados en un mínimo de tiempo.
Re-utilizable y lavable a máquina a 60° C.

The Swissvax Micro Polish Cloth is the perfect utensil to effortlessly achieve an immaculate polishing finish. It contains polyester and polyamide fibres that are split into microscopically thin composite microfibers only measuring one hundreth of the diameter of a human hair. One square centimeter of the Swissvax Micro Polish Cloth containing 30 kilometers of microfiber. Thanks to the immensely large surface this microfiber technology offers, the time required for buffing and polishing is reduced to a fraction of the time that you are used to from using regular cloths.

Additionally, the Micro Polish Cloth successfully prevents smearing and streaking. One Cloth is sufficient for polishing the entire surface of your automobile if you keep turning the Cloth during the process in order to expose unsaturated surface. The Micro Polish Cloth is re-usable many times and may be machine washed at 60° C.