Welcome to the official SWISSVAX online store for Latin America

We are pleased to welcome you to the Swissvax Webshop for Latin America. Here you can find all the famous Swissvax products, learn more about them and purchase them online securely and conveniently.  To find and purchase the products that you are looking for, please click on the respective product category on the left hand menu or use the search function. We kindly advise you to have a read through our productsHandbook to learn more about how to achieve the famous Swissvax finish on your automobile.

SWISSVAX Waxes and Paintwork Care

Clean, improve and protect delicate paintwork in a lasting way.
Paintwork care - clean, refresh and prepare the paintwork. 
Waxes - the famous Swissvax creations, known worldwide.
Matt paintwork.

SWISSVAX Wheel and tire Care

Clean, improve and protect your wheels and tires effortless.
Products and effective tools to help you easily protect and clean the rims and tires of your vehicle for a long period of time.

SWISSVAX Interior Care

Take care of the interior of your car in the best possible way.
These products are very easy to apply.  They can be applied frequently without any hesitation and get the best results in no time.

SWISSVAX Leather Care

Enhance and protect your leather interior.
All our knowledge is concentrated in these products which allow you to clean, restore and protect leather interior, while retaining its look and natural feel.

SWISSVAX Convertible Care

Custom-made products for your convertible.
Our selection of products specially developed for the care of convertible prevents costly reupholstering work.

SWISSVAX Windows and Metal Care

Complete the famous  Swissvax Concours finish.
Clean glasses, renew, polish and preserve all metal surfaces. Highly recommended not only for car enthusiasts.

SWISSVAX Washing Products

For an effective washing .
This is all you need for a thorough and efficient wash.  All products get along perfectly with the waxing and have a non-chaffing effect on sensitive varnish-guaranteed.

SWISSVAX Plastic and Rubber Care

Care for the most neglected areas that make the difference.
Take care of those areas which unfortunately are often neglected.  With little effort you get a great result and ensure that every detail of your car look like you want.

SWISSVAX Accessories

Practical tools that complete the experience of perfect car care..
Practical accessories that help you get the best results.  Perfectly complement all Swissvax products.  Developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.


The Swissvax Handbook is your perfect guide from A to Z..
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